(Talk given at PIPELINE Conference 2016, London https://pipelineconf.info/2016-event/speakers/)

Your branching strategy is an extremely important choice to make. In this talk I hope to show how a change of branching strategy can actually change your team’s mindset. Specifically I look at a shift from a feature branching strategy to a trunk based strategy affected the team. In my view these changes were for the better and I guess most at PIPELINE will agree but I leave that for others to decide on this occasion.

Dave Hounslow is a strong advocate of Software Craftsmanship and Continuous Delivery. He’s worked as a developer and technical lead for nearly three decades, most of which has been with small teams practising what these days is often referred to as a “DevOps” culture. Dave has been involved with multiple successful implementations of Continuous Delivery and right now he’s helping a number of small businesses and individuals to get more from their software development efforts.