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2017 Speakers

Robin Weston

Serverless Architectures and Continuous Delivery (Audience: BEGINNER)

@robinweston – Website

Dan North

Ops and Operability (Audience: ALL)

@tastapod – Website

Rachel Laycock

Continuous Delivery At Scale (Audience: ALL)


Abraham Marín-Pérez

Breaking Down Your Build: Architectural Patterns For A More Efficient Build Pipeline (Audience: INTERMEDIATE)

@abrahammarin – Website

Alastair Smith

Test Drive Your Database (Audience: INTERMEDIATE)

@alastairs – Website

Amy Hughes

Beyond Continuous Delivery: can your insights keep up? (Audience: ALL)

Andrew Martin

Insecure Containers: Continuous Defence Against Open Source Exploits (Audience: EXPERT)

@sublimino – Website

Andy Nesling

Chasing the rainbow – getting to Continuous Delivery from an standing start (Audience: ALL)


Steve Smith

Measuring Continuous Delivery (Audience: EXPERT)

@agilestevesmith – Website

Gareth Rushgrove

In Praise of Slow (Continuous Delivery) (Audience: INTERMEDIATE)

@garethr – Website

John Clapham

Team Design For Continuous Delivery (Audience: ALL)

@johnc_bristol – Website

Leena SN

Merge Hells!! Feature Toggles to the rescue (Audience: BEGINNER)

@leenasn – Website

Mike Long

Continuous Delivery of Maintainable Embedded Software (Audience: INTERMEDIATE)

@meekrosoft – Website

Pierre Vincent

Improving collaboration and confidence with Consumer-Driven Contracts testing (Audience: INTERMEDIATE)

@pierrevincent – Website

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