PIPELINE Conference Learning Zone

Learn about Continuous Delivery from practitioners and experts

2018 Speakers

Elisabeth Hendrickson

Care and Feeding of Feedback Cycles

@testobsessed – Website

John Allspaw

Poised To Adapt: Continuous Delivery’s Relationship To Resilience Engineering

@allspaw – Website

Andrew Martin

Meteor-Proof Infrastructure: Reproducible Environments with Container Build Images (Audience: INTERMEDIATE)

@sublimino – Website

Anna Shipman

How Coding In The Open can help you release faster (Audience: ALL)

@annashipman – Website

Chris Young

What can the ARPANET teach us about Continuous Delivery? (Audience: ALL)

@worldofchris – Website

Clare Macrae

Escaping 5 decades of monolithic annual releases (Audience: ALL)

@ClareMacraeUK – Website

Daniel Jones

Continuous Delivery is better for your brain (Audience: ALL)

@DanielJonesEB – Website

Dave Farley

Optimising Continuous Delivery (Audience: EXPERT)

@davefarley77 – Website

Denise Yu

What if you treat your CI pipeline as a product? (Audience: ALL)

@deniseyu21 – Website

Elizabeth Ayer

Beyond the Black Hole: Product Management for Continuous Delivery (Audience: ALL)

@ElizAyer – Website

Kenny Baas

Disentangle the Data Enterprise Spaghetti to continuous delivery, a Domain Driven Design Story (Audience: INTERMEDIATE)

@kenny_baas – Website

Jafar Soltani

Adopting Continuous Delivery in AAA Video Games (Audience: INTERMEDIATE)

@jafarsoltani – Website

Mark Hender

What if you treat your CI pipeline as a product? (Audience: ALL)


Michiel Rook

Leadership in Agile/DevOps environments (Audience: INTERMEDIATE)

@michieltcs – Website

Pan Thomakos

Rapid Mobile App Delivery (Audience: ALL)

@panthomakos – Website

Robin Weston

How to run a successful Continuous Delivery Enablement team (Audience: INTERMEDIATE)

@robinweston – WebsiteR

Sabrina Leandro

How to rewrite, a bit at a time (Audience: INTERMEDIATE)

@saleandro – Website

Tommy Tynjä

A year of Mob Programming – tips and tricks

@tommysdk – Website

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