(A talk given at PIPELINE Conference – March 2018 – How Coding In The Open can help you release faster  – https://pipelineconf.info/speakers/)

“The UK government is required to publish all new source code in the open. There are many benefits to coding in the open, and one of the interesting side-effects is that it makes continuous delivery much easier.

For example, when you code in the open, you tend to separate concerns better which supports continuous delivery. Open code makes collaboration easier, and the code being open means other people can see when the build fails and help fix it. Finally, it’s cheaper: GitHub and Travis are both free if your code is open. Not needing to purchase services can make the process of publishing your code much faster.

In this talk I will explain the ways that coding in the open supports continuous delivery. You will learn about the benefits and challenges of coding in the open, about how coding in the open can help you release faster, with examples of how this has worked in practice, and on the way you’ll get some insights into this transformation in the UK government”

Anna Shipman is Open Source Lead at the Government Digital Service. She is a technical architect and software developer. Prior to her Open Source role, she led the Government PaaS team, building a platform to host government services, and was a technical architect on GOV.UK. She is an international speaker. She blogstweets and is always up for a game of pool.