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2016 Speakers

Jez Humble

What I learned from three years of sciencing the crap out of Continuous Delivery

@JezHumble – Website

Helen Hosein

Fixed Price With Agile & Continuous Delivery


Dave Hounslow

You Are What You Eat – How Branching Affects Team Culture

@thinkfoo – Website

Joe McKevitt

Changing A Culture To A Culture Of Change

Wouter Lagerweij

Testing In A Continuous Delivery World

@wouterla – Website

Dave Nolan


@davenolan – Website

Sally Goble

So What Do You Do If You Don’t Do Testing?!

@sallygoble – Website

Steve Elliott

Measure Everything, Not Just Production

@tegud – Website

Ian Watson

Steps Closer To Awesome


Chris Covell

Steps Closer To Awesome


Gary Frost

Financial Institutions Carry Too Much Risk, It’s Time To Embrace Continuous Delivery

@51zeroLtd – Website

Gustavo Elias

How To Deal With A Hot Potato


Pete Marshall

Achieving Continuous Delivery In A Legacy Environment


Lyndsay Prewer

Smoothing Continuous Delivery Paths – Tales From Two Cultures

@lyndsp – Website

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