(Talk given at PIPELINE Conference 2016, London https://pipelineconf.info/2016-event/speakers/)

Four years ago we introduced Continuous Delivery into a highly regulated environment for a FTSE250 company. At the time it had an engrained release process that involved weekend maintenance windows, monthly offshore regression cycles and a complex delivery process. It was all very stressful. Listen to a selection of stories starting from how we lobbied the first POC based on an initiative from a devops bookclub to releasing our trading application more times in the last month than the previous year. All without an architecture rewrite, off the shelf tooling or a companywide mandate. Come and learn our strategies for change.

Joe McKevitt is a CD enthusiast who is very passionate about implementing architectures that encourage agile and lean practices. He tries to focus on building and collaborating with effective teams, enjoys learning from others and loves telling stories. Joe is definitely an optimist.