(Talk given at PIPELINE Conference 2016, London https://pipelineconf.info/2016-event/speakers/)

This is the story of our first steps towards our vision of what “Awesome” might look like…In and of itself changing an Organisation structure does not lead to a world of continuous delivery and DevOps thinking. What we did find, however, was that it can be an important piece in the jigsaw to the culture change needed to start driving towards that nirvana.

Ian Watson is Head of DevOps at Callcredit Information Group. With over 20 years experience in Software Engineering. He joined the Callcredit Information Group in 2002 working in both development and operational roles during a period of rapid sustained growth. He has spent the last 18 months working on the beginning of a transformation to move Callcredit to a DevOps culture and way of working – focussing on enhanced collaboration alongside increased automation to massively increase our ability to deliver reliably and often. He is also a big fan of 90’s glam rock which is obviously a key contributor to successful DevOps!

Chris is Head of Product Delivery for Callcredit Information Group. Over the last 25 years he has worked in corporates, start-ups and growing companies. Originally a mechanical engineer innovating for the British Post Office, Chris moved into software in the late 90’s developing solutions for distributed printing and public key infrastructure, using proprietary and Open Source software. After a period of supporting a global network of mail and web traffic management servers, Chris moved to Callcredit, where he developed Consumer facing and B2B solutions working as part distributed team. As an advocate of agile methods within Callcredit, Chris has helped develop a culture of collaboration and communication.