(Talk given at PIPELINE Conference 2016, London – https://pipelineconf.info/2016-event/speakers/)

What makes Continuous Delivery easy and what makes it hard? Should it be all Scala + Docker + microservices or is .Net + Windows + monoliths a safer bet? This session explores the successful continuous delivery journeys of two very different cultures. Both achieved weekly releases to Production, but one was a .Net monolith, the other a set of Scala microservices. We’ll explore the lessons learnt by looking at the blockers and accelerators each faced.

Lyndsay Prewer is an Agile Delivery Consultant with over twenty years experience of helping developers, teams and organisations improve their software delivery. He is currently consulting for Equal Experts, at HMRC, on the delivery of HMRC’s new Gov.UK digital tax services. He speaks regularly at European conferences (Agile Cambridge, Agile Testing Days, Agile Lean Europe) and London Meetups.