(A talk given at PIPELINE Conference – March 2018 – Continuous Delivery is better for your brain – https://pipelineconf.info/speakers/)


“Continuous Delivery doesn’t just feel better – it objectively is better. In this talk we’ll explore the psychology and neuroscience of continuously delivering on a platform, explaining how automation allows for greater sociability and empathy in teams, and how this is demonstrated to increase productivity. We’ll look at the scarcity effect, its negative impact sustainable velocity, and how continuously delivering the simplest thing can free us from it. Finally we’ll look at intrinsic motivation and how continuous delivery increases the frequency of reward, reducing the amount of technical debt a team incurs.

The OECD and Bank Of England have identified a productivity crisis – arguably caused in part by inefficient, outdated working practices. We need to change the way we work not just for the economic benefits, but for the human benefits too.”

Daniel Jones is CTO of UK Cloud Foundry consultancy EngineerBetter, who have improved value-delivery at the world’s largest banks, global wealth management firms, FTSE 100 retailers, governments and non-profit organisations. Daniel has is a regular speaker, and has also been an IT Consultant, an award-winning shorinji-kan jiu-jitsu instructor, indie games developer, entrepreneur, and also once stormed the stage at a music festival to expose bribe-taking by a hardcore punk band!