(A talk given at PIPELINE Conference – March 2018 – Beyond the Black Hole: Product Management for Continuous Delivery – https://pipelineconf.info/speakers/)

“Continuous Delivery can be a hard sell to product managers, even in small, healthy organisations. The benefits sound implausible, the costs high, and it’s really hard to understand all that it enables.

However, CD has been hugely beneficial at the leading edge of product management. As deployment pipelines have taken root, there has also been a shift in how we see and measure user value. Take these trends together, and there’s been a giant leap forwards in how to prioritise work and judge its success.

When our teams at ORG stopped throwing features into a black hole, and instead closed the loop with feedback, it had surprising knock-on effects. Come to this session and find out more!”

Elizabeth Ayer started her career as a Java, C++, and ActionScript developer, but moved into product management after one too many dumb feature request. All her products have been for highly technical audiences, orchestrating engineering changes. She cut her teeth managing the enterprise platform under automotive, shipbuilding, and factory verticals at Siemens PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). Now she manages the portfolio at Redgate Software, a leader in Database DevOps tooling. In those 11 years she experienced the shift to Continuous Delivery for her own dev teams and in the processes of hundreds of customers using her products. The battle scars have left her intensely passionate about Agile and curious to push its boundaries.