(A talk given at PIPELINE Conference – March 2018 – Poised To Adapt: Continuous Delivery’s Relationship To Resilience Engineering  – https://pipelineconf.info/speakers/)

Resilience Engineering is both a community of researchers as well as an interdisciplinary field of study. Continuous delivery can be seen as a source of what the RE community would call “sustained adaptive capacity.” I’d like to introduce the audience to what this means (in real terms, not academic) and hopefully open up new lines of dialogue and inquiry about how our “systems” work. It’s time to take human performance seriously in software, and this is a step in that direction

John Allspaw is the former chief technical officer (CTO) of Etsy, leading all of Etsy’s engineering efforts. Previously, he was the SVP of Infrastructure and Operations at Etsy. For over 20 years, he has worked in system operations in the biotech, government, and online media industries.

John began his career running vehicle crash simulations for the U.S. government. In 1997, he made the leap to the web, building the technical infrastructures at Salon, InfoWorld, Friendster and Flickr. John is the author of The Art of Capacity Planning and Web Operations: Keeping the Data on Time, both published by O’Reilly Media. He holds a BS from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and an MSc from Lund University in Human Factors and Systems Safety.”