(A talk given at PIPELINE Conference – March 2018 – Rapid Mobile App Delivery – https://pipelineconf.info/speakers/)


“If I asked you to envision a continuous delivery pipeline, you would probably first imagine a CI service, maybe a few build boxes, and then some cool release service that gradually balances traffic to the new version of your API or website. But what about your mobile applications? Don’t they also deserve the benefits of a continuous delivery pipeline?

We started out, as most startups do, with a fairly ad-hoc mobile release process. Eventually we settled on a rather manual process that took two weeks to complete. Android and iPhone releases were carefully shepherded through to completion, available in 14 languages, and led by two release conductors – and a multi-page instruction manual. But this past year we decided to blow things up. We decided to automate as much of the process as we could, and to cut our release time in half. Spoiler: it worked!

If continuous delivery for mobile apps has never really occurred to you, or if continuously releasing a mobile application simply seems like an insurmountable task, then come learn about how we achieved this within a year. A rapid mobile app delivery pipeline has opened up all the benefits that we typically associate with continuous delivery (quick A/B test turnaround, putting features in front of our users sooner) to our mobile applications. In this talk I’ll share our journey with you, so that you can bring the benefits of continuous delivery to your own mobile release process.”

Pan Thomakos leads productivity engineering at Strava. He spends most of his time developing automation to eliminate manual tasks, and improving engineering processes. He is originally from Greece and spends his free time running, cooking, and playing with his kids.