(A talk given at PIPELINE Conference – March 2017 – Continuous Delivery of Maintainable Embedded Software – https://pipelineconf.info/2017-event/speakers/)

“A lot of software development falls naturally into the Continuous Delivery mindset, where any potential fix should be done on master and customers can naturally take the latest version of the software. We believe this is the the ideal approach to software development; it results in reduced cycle times, less work in progress, fewer queues and rework, and reduced testing costs.

However, not all software falls into this category. Some industries require that a given release be supported for decades. Some industries require that algorithms do not change, even for the better. But of course, any bugs must be fixed. Some industries require that any software that is qualified has a complete audit trail.

This presentation will share our experience in doing Continuous Delivery in the industrial embedded software world. It will describe how we can do component-based development for multi-product configurations, how to create a release from any version of our software and how we make sure we can maintain any software we have released to a customer.

It will cover version-control strategy, a binary artifact management approach, together with a build and dependency management solution that addresses this.”

Mike is a Partner at Praqma, a Continuous Delivery consulting company based in Scandinavia. He has over 13 years of experience delivering software in various cultures and industries. He helps organize several community events and conferences, including CoDe Academy which teaches Continuous Delivery to university students. Mike is a trustee on the cyber-dojo foundation.