(A talk given at PIPELINE Conference – March 2017 – Continuous Delivery At Scale – https://pipelineconf.info/2017-event/speakers/)

“Serverless architectures have been touted as the next evolution of cloud-hosted software. Indeed, the promise of resiliency and scalability without the need for infrastructure management sounds too good to be true!

But how well do serverless architectures play with the patterns and practises of continuous delivery? Do they help or hinder us in our goal of delivering frequent and low risk software changes to production? What are the trade-offs to weigh up when considering using a serverless architecture on your next project?

This presentation will give a brief initial introduction to the world of serverless architectures. We’ll then look at their benefits and drawbacks, with a particular focus on our recent experiences building and operating a production AWS Lambda and API Gateway system. We’ll also look at the ever-evolving tooling and service ecosystems, and make some suggestions regarding how to start safely dipping your toes in the serverless waters.”

Robin has worked in technology for over 10 years and has been at ThoughtWorks since 2014. He cares passionately about helping deliver value to clients through simple, effective software. Away from work he spends his time running long distances for no particular reason, planning murder mystery treasure hunts and continually pinching himself to check that Leicester City really did win the Premier League.