(A talk at PIPELINE Conference 2015, London – https://pipelineconf.info/2015-event/speakers/)

All too often we hear teams talk about Continuous Delivery as a destination. There are questions asked along the lines of what are the things a team needs to do in order to qualify as doing Continuous Delivery. We believe this is a flawed line of questioning. Continuous Delivery is not a destination that is arrived at by doing a fixed set of steps. We posit that Continuous Delivery is an axiom adopted by teams that informs their choice of architectural principles, the space of available designs, the selection of development practices, the choice of tools and most importantly, the culture of collaboration that they embrace. Thought of in this way, we believe Continuous Delivery can have as much of an impact on our software delivery process as testability and TDD have on our development processes.

Badri is a developer with ThoughtWorks Studios. For over 13 years, he has worked with ThoughtWorks as a consultant/coach with various clients and then as a developer/tech-lead on the Mingle team. Over the past couple of years he has been working as the Product Manager of Snap, a hosted Continuous Delivery tool that seeks to lower the barrier to entry to CD.

Akshay Karle is a application developer at ThoughtWorks. He has been working on Snap CI for almost a year and has keen interest in Linux, Continuous Integration and Ruby.