(A talk at PIPELINE Conference 2015, London – https://pipelineconf.info/2015-event/speakers/)

The concept of Continuous Delivery and many releases a day is not something the average security team can accept easily. At our company we like a challenge. This talk shows how pipelines and automation tooling can significantly improve your security posture. Learn how to explain the security issues to security management and how to deliver measurable benefits – even in environments where security is a primary requirement.

Mike Evans, the Head of Risk & Assurance, and the Senior Manager for Monitoring and Response, will walk you through the journey of implementing Security automation in Continuous Delivery and its challenges. 

Before joining Betfair, Francois worked for 8 years at Verizon Business where his consulting engagement spanned across implementing CERT teams, incident response strategy, security architecture design, IT security management and penetration testing.