(A talk at PIPELINE Conference 2015, London – https://pipelineconf.info/2015-event/speakers/)

Continuous Delivery for Systems Administrators is a relatively new field, but they’re catching up with the Developers fast! In this talk I shares my experience on automated build and testing for systems administrators. I’ll take a look at how servers can be subjected to the same rigorous testing processes as software, using the same tool chains and even performing full integration tests of systems configuration and software using open-source, industry standard tooling.

Matthew is a DevOps Engineer at DevOpsGuys, spending most of his days on the command line helping customers deploy and maintain their code, whilst taking a “Test-Driven” approach to systems maintenance. In the past, Matthew has worked as a Python developer on the OpenStack project, managed a large-scale webhosting cluster and worked in a variety of other industries, all of which have shaped the way he approaches problems.